Welcome to wordfinding.wikispaces.com, a site where you can share the great word finding strategies you have developed, and get ideas from other SLPs. *

Do you feel you are reinventing the wheel every time you need to come up with a word finding cue? We did, too, and we knew that there are a LOT of dedicated SLPs out there who have great ideas. So please add your ideas on the appropriate pages. Send an invitation to others who would like to gain from others' ideas and who would like to share theirs.

Our site is organized by grade level and curriculum area. Your school/state may teach some of the same vocabulary at different levels, so don't hesitate to add vocabulary in new locations. Be sure to check out our sports and activities pages as well. We have found that Mayer Johnson's Boardmaker and Google images are great resources for adding pictures to our phonemic cues. We have tried to avoid copying images that we are aware are copywrited. Please be careful not to use copywrited material on these pages. You can certainly add your own artwork to supplement the cues.

We hope you will visit often and share your ideas! Scroll down for more info. NEW! A PAGE TO ADD THE WORDS YOU NEED - SEE "I NEED A CUE!!" * NEW CUES: evaporate, negative , hand sanitizer, constellation. Go to "I need a cue."

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On our "How to Add Information" page, we offer a step-by-step tutorial to help you add your ideas. This same page explains how to use Dr. Diane German's phonemic or mnemonic cues. Research supports the efficacy of using these cues for children and adults with word finding difficulties.